About Us

Hey, You are on this page so I think you want know about our story & hire us for your next project.

OK , let me start with this 2004 – I just clear my MCA – Master in Computer Science.

2005 – One very good & small Full Stack Web Development agency hire me & train me.

My skill set in 2006 Asp.net Web form.

So from 2005 to 2009 I worked with total 2 reputed web development agency.

From 2009 – June 18 – Just started Samif Infomedia – as Asp.net Development Company & Magento Development Agency.

From 2014 to the day we have now 7 different departments & they all work as independent companies. Also, we add one Javascript-based department with Angular js & now we have all Javascript-based development teams.

So now total 23 IT Experts in my team & in Javascript Based team we have 24 engineers.

Angular js & Angular : – 9 Angular Developers

React js & React Native : – 11 React based Developers

nodejs for Back end : – 7 Dedicated node js experts.